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Cryotherapy is the science of exposing the body to extreme freezing temperatures to stimulate physical and mental health benefits. The body is briefly exposed to a thermal shock. Toxins and waste substances are filtered out, and you strengthen the body's own ability to renew and regenerate itself. Cryotherapy has many different beneficial benefits. It will increase blood circulation and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Cryo treatments also increase levels of endorphins, which can lift mood and reduce stress. Many athletes use cryotherapy to improve recovery or promote healing after injuries. In terms of beauty benefits, cryotherapy increases collagen production, which tightens the skin.
You enter our e°CABIN™ full-body cabin wearing minimal clothing (underwear, socks and gloves). At -130˚ to -140˚ in the cabin, the temperature on the skin surface drops to the desired 7 - 11 degrees (we have different programs). This is the signal for the receptors in the skin (nerve endings) to start sending signals to the central nervous system, which immediately activates a process in your body.

Your blood circulation will improve and the production of serotonin and endorphins (natural painkillers and feel-good hormones) and a natural anti-inflammatory process will be initiated. Toxins and waste materials are immediately eliminated by the stronger flow of oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood. The body scans itself for malfunctioning parts and self-healing begins.
Cryotherapy treatments in our e°CABIN™ full-body cabin only last a maximum of three minutes, however, 20 minutes are set aside for each client at chillfactor, so there is plenty of time to change both before and after the treatment.
It is very individual, but we recommend 2-3 treatments per week for the first two weeks to a month. Then 1-2 treatments per week to maintain maximum benefit. Each treatment can be beneficial. It typically provides immediate relief from pain and inflammation, and can promote your general sense of well-being.
Cryotherapy treatments at chillfactor are absolutely 100% safe, as we use the latest technology on the cryotherapy market with equipment from the Finnish company CTN (Cryotechnic Nordic). The full-body machine e°CABIN™ constantly measures the skin surface temperature via 6 sensors, so that the cooling process itself is controlled 100% from start to finish. Our electric e°CABIN™ full body cabin is safely cooled to a minimum of -130 degrees with regular power (not nitrogen).

Unlike competing cryotherapy machines powered by nitrogen gas, with chillfactor you are free from worries about inhaling potentially dangerous fumes. In addition, you are under observation throughout the treatment.
You will probably feel fine right after the treatment. Our clients usually experience a release of endorphins, the body's natural mood lifter. This can last for several hours. You may also feel immediate relief from joint and muscle pain, improved energy and increased flexibility that can last for hours or even days (results vary by individual). Many of our clients also report a great night's sleep already after their first session.
Underwear or loose fitting shorts, gloves and socks are all that are needed to keep your extremities from the cold.
Yes, you can easily do that. Ten minutes of light exercise right after your treatment stimulates your blood circulation and promotes a longer-lasting effect after the treatment.
A shower before treatment is not necessary and your skin must be dry before treatment in our e°CABIN™. During the treatment, your body remains dry, as the machine only uses cold dry air, so there is no need to take a shower afterwards either. You can get dressed immediately after your treatment.
No, you cannot catch a cold from cryotherapy. In extreme cold, your body temperature rises temporarily and your immune system is stimulated. In fact, there is a good chance that you will notice that you will be much less susceptible to colds in the future as a result of your strengthened immune system.
Absolutely. With our equipment (e°CABIN™), the head is outside the cabin. You can follow the actual process of the treatment on several screens. You can also ask to stop the treatment at any time, and the door to the cabin can be easily opened both from the outside and from the inside, as there are no locks or the like. This means that you are in full control during the entire treatment.
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