Cryotherapy does something good for your body and mind

CRYO-therapy = COLD-therapy


> Acts anti-inflammatory
> Beneficial for muscle and joint pain
> Beneficial for chronic pain
> Beneficial in skin diseases


> Optimizes sports performance
> Improves recovery
> Improves mobility
> Improves healing after injuries

Beauty & Wellness

> Improves sleep
> Increases general feeling of well-being
> Boosts collagen production
> Increases fat burning

What is cryotherapy and what are the benefits?

When the body is exposed to rapid and controlled cooling, the cells experience it as a so-called thermal shock. The body responds by beginning a natural healing process that can benefit the body in various ways.

Cryotherapy with the right equipment

At chillfactor we offer cryotherapy with the latest and most advanced technology developed by CTN in Finland.

Our e°CABIN™ calculates, via 6 sensors, the most optimal treatment for just YOUR body.

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How does the treatment take place?

At chillfactor you can get cryotherapy for the whole body in our e°CABIN™ from CTN. We also offer local treatment (face, knees, shoulders, elbows etc.) with our X°CRYO™, also from CTN.

Fordele ved Cryo

A life in balance

Cryotherapy is based on extremely rapid and controlled cooling of the body. The cold will cause the body to automatically begin a natural healing process and thus create balance.

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